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Guangzhou Royax Cosmetics Co., Ltd
Multispecialty supplier
Main categories: Cream/Mask/Serum/Scurb/Cleanser
Years in industry(6)On-site material inspectionMinor customizationQuality management certified

Skin Care Products Private Label | Custom Contract Manufacturing | Wholesale. 

Why us?

  • -Top 10 Manufacturer & Low MOQ & Free Design & Competitive Price & Fast Shipping.
  • -Our Ingredients Are All Natural | Vegan | Organic | Cruelty-Free | Eco Friendly | Gluten Free | Paraben Free | Silicone Free | Sulfate Free
  • -Our Production Complies With EU And FDA Standards


  • -Our product line covers Cleansers And Toners, Exfoliators, Eye Care, Serums, Moisturizers, Masks, Body Products, Lip Products, Beard And Hair Products.
  • -3000+ Stock Formula Ready to Label, Launch Your Brand With Us Now!

How to efficiently select skin care product suppliers?

Looking for a private label or custom manufacturer can be time-consuming and confusing. You want a company that represents your fundamental values and those you intend to project to your customers. A company whose business practices align with your own. Different companies have the things they specialize in and are known for. But chances are, you want a company that has the ability to formulate and package your product according to your specifications and desires.
Here are several logistics to consider when you are searching for a custom manufacturer:

1. The ingredients needed to produce your product
2. The lowest prices (factory direct)
3. Quality of ingredients and final product quality
4. Reliable, on-time delivery
5. Low product defect rate
6. Products are packaged properly so as to avoid damage
7. Cruelty-free facility
8. Eco-friendly production
9. Allergy concerns
10. Organic ingredient availability